Thursday, June 7, 2018

Pink Velvet Nightie

My beautiful friend and photographer-extraordinaire, Dyann, wanted to do a pinup shoot in her new home studio, so I used the opportunity to use some hot pink stretch velvet I had sitting around to make a cute little nightie!

Construction Notes

I used another Gertie pattern on this one. I looooove a good Butterick pattern, and Gertie's are always so user-friendly!


Regrets: I wish I'd found a different, more delicate stretch lace trim, but JoAnn wasn't very helpful in that respect, so I used some from my stash. It's beautiful, but a little stiff and doesn't have a lot of stretch, so the hem isn't the best.

Pattern Thoughts: There is some negative ease built into the pattern since it's for knits, but the size 10 was still a bit big, so I took some darts in the back so the garment would skim a bit more closely. 

Styling & Shoot 

Photos by Dyann Diercks, in her new home studio!

Fabric from Etsy, trim was nicked from my mom's lace stash a long time ago.

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