Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Miss Scar(Char)let

This is one of my all-time favorite dresses. It wins on so many fronts for me. It's a perfect shade of red. It's spinny. The neckline is dramatic. It has sleeves. It has pockets. So many good things. 

Construction Notes 

I combined the bodice of one of Gertie's patterns, Butterick 5814, with the sleeves from an old Simplicity pattern (9025, I wanted 3/4 length sleeves and luckily, lovely Laura Mae of Lilacs and Lace had done this with her version of the dress as well. So, I ripped off her great idea.) I also forwent Gertie's lovely pencil skirt with drape and instead opted for my old standby: The circle skirt with pockets. 

Boy, I'm glad I did. Look at that deliciously drapey, spinny action. 

The fabric is some weird polyester twill that FEELS amazing, and drapes beautifully, but is a real pain to work with. Hemming was a niiiiiightmare, and it gets iron shine very easily. Oy vey.


Regrets: Looking at the photos, I feel like I should have tailored the sleeves more, but, they're comfy as they are, so I'm not too upset about it. 

I also didn't quiiiite do my pleats properly; I just sewed them into the seam and then let them live free instead of tacking them down a little ways, which makes for a little bit of puffing out in the front of the bodice. 

I also think I maybe should have put the bows on the sleeves that I drew in my original sketch, but, I can always add those. =]  

Pattern Thoughts: The size 10 of Butterick 5814 was a little big, so I took it in a pretty even amount all the way down the sides. The sleeves on Simplicity 9025 are sort of a rigamarole to make--they've got a shoulder curve that is REALLY curvy, and I had to tone it down a lot so as not to look like a linebacker. 

Styling & Shoot: 

Photos, as ever, by the inimitable Dyann Diercks Photography, taken at the Emporium Kitchen in the Elizabeth Hotel

 Dress: Materials bought at JoAnn Fabrics 
Shoes: Poetic License (but found these bad boys for $20 on Poshmark!)
Fox Brooch: MJ's Uptown Antiques 

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