Monday, January 22, 2018

Feathers, Lace, and Impracticality: A Dressing Gown's Tale

 I get a lot of joy out of things that are beautiful, but are first and foremost practical--pretty things that I have a need for in my day-to-day life (Paperblanks planners, my Laredo lace-up boots, and dresses with pockets are some examples.) Feathered dressing gowns do not fit that criteria, yet somehow, I have still absolutely always NEEDED to have one.

I've wanted one for ages (I've been drooling over Catherine D'Lish's collection along with the rest of the internet) and it finally occurred to me last spring that I should just get on with it and make one already.

Construction Notes

Armed with Vogue 7254 and three yards of All That Glitters stretch lace from JoAnn Fabrics, I went for it. The pattern was perfect for using the scalloped edges of the fabric as the front edges of the robe. (You have to cut them all out, though, as they have several inches of mesh around them.)

I added some fabric to the width of the skirt to improve its twirling capabilities, but it was not without consequence. The extra weight on such stretchy fabric affected the construction--the waistline was pulled down past my hips, so I had to cut a few inches off the length of the bodice to compensate. 

I also didn't like how the pattern's cape sleeves looked on me, so I turned 'em into regular sleeves. 


Regrets: NO RAGRETZ except maybe I should add another layer of feathers? I always feel like there's never enough. 

Pattern Thoughts: Vogue 7254 is well-put together and easy to understand, but ultimately I made so many alterations for my own preferences that I don't have much to say about the pattern itself!

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