Monday, July 17, 2017

A Very Jazzy Lawn Party

The Jazz Age Lawn Party on Governor's Island is something I've wanted to do since I was a freshman in high school, so, of course, when I moved to NYC I was determined to MAKE IT HAPPEN!
The first time I went was last August. THE HEAT INDEX WAS ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTEEN DEGREES. 
We made it through without getting heatstroke, and were crazy enough to come back for Round 2 this year (although this time, with our newfound wisdom, we chose to attend in June instead of August. We keep growing wiser with every Lawn Party, as we learned this year after taking naps on the packed dirt that we should bring some darn lawn chairs next time.)

Not pictured: Our hunky dates. I also made my friend Kate's green dress! 
I was excited about making my own dress before I even bought my tickets, without really even knowing what I wanted it to look like. I remembered a 1930s reproduction pattern I'd bought from theVintage Pattern Lending Library, and its fabulously ruffly skirt that sort of faked a drop-waist without the drawback of actually BEING a drop waist (Actual 1920s silhouettes don't look good on my shape and I'm just too vain to wear clothes that don't flatter me.) I thought a nice white day dress would be a nice, period look, and decided to give up my dreams of making a chemise a la reine out of this fabric I bought from JoAnn. 

I had well-begun the arduous task of making that oh-so-ruffly skirt before I figured out what bodice pattern I wanted to use: it finally occurred to me that the only logical choice to go with all those flounces was a bodice that involved ANOTHER FLOUNCE, as I found in Butterick 6052, option A. 

If I had it to do over, I would have definitely added an inch or so to the waist of the torso, as the pattern is for a pretty high-waisted dress, but I was foolishly not thinkin' before I was cuttin'. 

You can really see the too-high waistline here, but, that's what belts are for. Covering up poor sewing decisions.

The magic gold glitter shoes are from B.A.I.T. and were my Christmas present a couple years ago!
The hat is by San Diego Hats and I bought it at The Nitty Gritty in Louisville.
Overall, I definitely veered into more of a 1930s look than a 20s one, but am mostly happy with the dress and am excited to wear it again! The sheerness, the specks of metallic gold, and the flounces really do make it feel dreamy and floaty. I need somebody to invite me to a tea or a garden party or some suitable occasion. 

Sewing Techniques I Practiced: 
Narrow hems
French seams
Being patient (SO. MANY. HEMS.)

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