Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween Costume: Briar Rose from "Sleeping Beauty"

I love love LOVE Disney Princesses and their wonderful hair and outfits and songs and affinity for woodland creatures, but so far in my life I have never dressed up as one for Halloween! I've been trying to create a perfect Mary Poppins costume for the past 3 Halloweens now, but time always gets away from me and I end up having to search through my closet and costume boxes to see what backup costume I can put together. This year, I put together a Briar Rose costume!! She is one of my very favorite princesses, and I think her movie is the most beautiful Disney movie of all time!

I even found a woodland creature lurking around the apartment! =]

Blouse: my Gramma's from the 1940s
Corset: Borrowed from mah besfrand, who bought it at Pop's Resale & Vintage
Skirt: Made by me (fabric from Wal-Mart, of all places!)
Wig: eBay, styled by me

I hope your Halloween was full of lots of treats and dress-up!

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