Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A studio for a Charlotte

This August, I moved into an apartment with six other girls (we're like the Von Trapp family up in here.) I have my very own room (a first for my college experience!) and have been having the best time decorating! My original design concept was turn-of-the-century circus performer, with a striped canopy over the bed and circus posters on the walls and some of my parasols hanging from the ceiling. I soon realized that particular design wasn't going to work out for me finance-wise, and so decided that I would like my room to have the feel of an art studio, since I do most of my sewing and crafting in there!

The walls and faux fireplace (I HAVE A FAUX FIREPLACE!!) were originally a not-so-charming combination of a brownish-maroon, khaki, and a grayish-green. I painted them all white (except for a stripe around the top... I have neither an edger nor a ladder!) Not having to match my decor to my walls has proven handy, and I've just been throwing everything I can find together.
I collected roughly a zillion postcards during my travels this spring semester, and cut apart some old calendars for poster art and hung them on a piece of twine with mini clothespins!

I found this print of a map at Street Scene Vintage and tacked it up on a bulletin board so that I could stick pins in the places I've been! (The map is from when the USSR was still a thing... it made for a bit of difficulty finding where to put my pin for Krakow, Poland--but it's so pretty!) I made a border using Polaroids of Instagrammed pictures that I took while abroad (I ordered them with a nifty little app called Printic.) I like the idea, but I don't know that I'm entirely happy with how it turned out... any suggestions for improvement?

Have a marvelous day!

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