Thursday, July 18, 2013

American Apparel (also, What Is A Hipster?)

In a patriotic ensemble, and without a headscarf! (You have only seen one, but I wear one four days a week... I'm getting a bit tired of them!)

Top: Why Louisville?
Skirt: My mother
Belt: Target
Bracelets: Who knows!
Shoes: Zappo's Outlet

Yesterday I was at lunch with a group of friends and we were having a perfectly normal conversation when suddenly, things turned into a WITCH HUNT except instead of hunting witches they were hunting hipsters and I WAS THE HUNTED. Before I knew it, I was on trial and the evidence being used against me was along the lines of "You sew your own clothes!" "You are currently wearing a scarf on your head like a turban!" "You constantly take pictures!" "You go to vintage stores!"
I have never considered the fact that I might be a hipster... I have always just sort of quietly made fun of them like everyone else. Do these things make me a hipster? Have you ever been accused of being a hipster? Did you object to it? What does being a hipster mean to you?

Despite my protests that I was not, in fact, a hipster, when I went grocery shopping last evening I found a water bottle thing that looked like a Mason jar and felt inexplicably compelled to buy it... Maybe there IS a little hipster in me.

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  1. This outfit is so adorable :) And it's funny 'cause I just wrote a blog post sarcastically making fun of hipsters...and the next day my mom's like "Honey, I think you might be a hipster." haha, oh well.