Sunday, June 2, 2013

Hoop Skirts and Pantaloons

Last Wednesday, I began rehearsals for my second season with a summer stock theatre about 30 minutes away from my hometown. The show is full of gorgeous songs and costumes and is performed in a large outdoor amphitheater for 10 weeks during the summer. It is also the reason for my severe slacking when it comes to posting--rehearsals have been keeping me very busy! (You will definitely be hearing more about the show/seeing some costume pictures later--our first dress rehearsal is tomorrow night! Ahhhhhh!!)
My home for the summer is a very large, very old white house that I like to refer to as "The Manor." I share it with two other people and a life-size cardboard cutout of Elvis Presley as well as (allegedly) some ghosts. The house has a big front porch that is perfect for sitting on and sipping tea and a huge back yard, and generally I just feel like a Southern belle living in there. This is added to by the fact that the show I'm in is set from 1849-1851 or so and therefore involves a lot of hoop skirt wearing. (Even though most of the action in the show is in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to me hoop skirts always say "Scarlett O'Hara.")

So, since I have no pictures of my own to share with you (rehearsing during the day in an outdoor theatre menas that I am very nearly always a nasty, sweaty mess,) allow me to spam you with photos of  hoop skirts and pantaloons and the like (along with a few vintage photos from the show I'm in--it's been running for 55 years this summer!)

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