Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Light in the Piazza: Outfit Inspiration for Florence, Italy

Tomorrow morning I leave Brussels to spend the second half of my spring break in Florence, Italy!
It's supposed to be OVER 60 DEGREES THERE! I'm so so sooooooo excited to be somewhere where the temperature manages to exceed 40 degrees Fahrenheit. 

One of my very favorite musicals, The Light in the Piazza, is about an American woman and her daughter who go to Florence for a vacation, where the daughter meets an Italian boy and falls in love. That's putting the plot simply--there's lots of twists and turns in there! The music in that show is absolutely gorgeous, and the look of the show is too, especially the costumes!
The show is giving me the (probably unrealistic) expectation that everyone in Italy is going to be impeccably dressed in 50s fashions.
Sadly, as usual, I will probably be the only weirdo there in a fluffy crinoline.


  1. You got a new header! How cute! How'd you do it?

    1. With the magic of Microsoft Power Point!