Saturday, April 20, 2013

Superman Ice Cream!

This outfit is a tribute to the greatest ice cream in existence. 

Now, some people are under the impression that Superman ice cream is just vanilla ice cream with food coloring. Some people are wrong. The vanilla ice cream with food coloring is called Krazy Kolors. 
Krazy Kolors isn't doing it right.
Superman ice cream is the beauteous as well as delicious combination of blue moon, lemon, and red pop ice cream.
Once you know its glory, you are forever changed. 
And every time you see the color combination of pink, yellow, and bright blue, you are filled with a happiness that comes only from the memory of Superman ice cream.


Necklace: An antique store in Bruges
Cardigan: New Look
Dress: Urban Attic (Louisville)
Purse: Think Twice (Brussels)


  1. So Springy!!!!! We need to get some superman ice cream at the lake STAT!