Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Florence Part 3: Florentine Holiday which I lived my dream of riding a Vespa in Italy!
I imagine that this dream was inspired by repeated viewings of this in my formative years:
(In case you're somehow not familiar, this shot is from the movie Roman Holiday. Go watch it now.)

My own interpretation! I LOVE LOVE LOVED RIDING THIS VESPA!!! I want one so badly, but I doubt it would fare very well in the Land of Huge Trucks (aka Kentucky.) Maybe I'll just have to move to Florence!

San Miniato Church.

It has a gorgeous view of the city! See the Duomo in the background?

Here is a fresco before it was frescoed. I kind of love it like this, it's magical somehow!

The beautiful altar.

This is the view from the Piazzale Michelangelo. Look at that sky!!

The Vespa-riding was done via a tour given by a company called Walkabout Florence. It also included some "aperitifs" of food and wine. All told it lasted about 4 hours and was completely magical! I went by myself, because everyone else in the group was going on a wine tour and I wanted to seize the chance to LIVE MY VESPA DREAMS!
After the tour ended, I sadly bid my Vespa farewell and I wandered around a little bit (only slightly lost) and watched the sunset!

Getting lost was so worth it!

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