Tuesday, March 12, 2013

March lilies! Also snow. (Or how to cheer yourself up when the weather is being unreasonable.)

Well, the lovely weather we experienced last week was chased off by a lot of snow. And apparently, the fine city of Brussels doesn't believe in snow plows, so that made for a very exciting walk to school (a giant slush-drift in the middle a busy road was involved.)
Having beautiful 69-degree weather in your grasp and then having it snatched away by the icy hands of winter can be a little disheartening. (By "disheartening" I mean "you become convinced that the weather is a conscious being that is JUST TRYING TO SPITE YOU and WHAT DID YOU EVER DO TO IT TO MAKE IT HATE YOU SO MUCH?!?!?!)

So, I brought some sun into my life in the following manner:

1. Put a big bow in my hair and donned my new favorite sweater,

2. Decorated the kitchen table with March lilies and cocktail decorations,

3.Made adorable tiny sandwiches with tiny toast! (and more cocktail decorations,)

4. And ate some lemon meringue pie.

(Basically, I just incorporated as much yellow and turquoise into my day as possible. And also incorporated as much food as possible.)

Now I smell the lovely scent of March lilies all the time! My grandparents have fields and fields of them at their farm this time of year, and they make me a little homesick and happy at the same time. =]

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