Sunday, February 3, 2013

Brussels Vintage Market!

Today my roommate and I went to the Brussels Vintage Market!
The somewhat terrifying photo above seemed to work for generating interest for the event, as there were what seemed like gazillions of people there, as well as gazillions of lovely and interesting things!

 Some lovely and helpful shop owners!

NOW, for the loot!!

Both of these pretty blouses are from Germany.
The man at the booth where I bought it told me the story of the top blouse; it had lived in a warehouse for about 30 years because of the East-West Germany conflict--so it's vintage, but brand-new!
The lower one would be part of a dirndl-style outfit. I already have quite a collection of various dirndls due to a proud German heritage, but what's one more?
...or two more? The little beauty on the right fits *almost* perfectly. The lace insets are snapped in there, so they're removable! Woooo versatility! The sleeves are a little funky, but I'll work with them once I am reunited with my sewing machine.

The lady who sold me this little case had her wares charmingly spread out picnic-style on the ground. She told me half in English, half in French that when she was in school, they worked on knitting once a week and all the girls had to have one of these to carry their yarn and needles in. What works for knitters should work for crocheters/embroiderers, so I will be making use of this adorable little thing!!

And here's my outfit for the day, made super-fancy by PicCollage, which I just discovered this afternoon and am having a marvelous time with.

Have a nice day! =]


  1. The Vintage Market sounds fantastic! I really love hearing the stories behind clothing that I purchase, so I would have been completely charmed by the lady selling her old knitting case. And I'm looking forward to seeing you style your purchases, particularly that green printed blouse!

    1. Christy!! I'm so glad to see you here on my new blog! =] Thanks for commenting!

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